Guide to Guiding

Ríkarður Snæbjörn Snorrason is the self-proclaimed, and Trip Advisor verified, greatest tourist guide in the world and he wants to take you on a tour, of tourism. When he got drunk three years ago, he had no idea he was going to end up guiding hundreds upon hundreds of tours in the Icelandic highlands and now he is looking back and sharing the best stories out of hundreds.

Guide to Guiding is a hilarious sixty-minute tour that takes you on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of mass travel. Where everyone has the same yet unique experience, good days are good and bad days are good stories. Featuring puffins (delicious), the worst guest out of thousands and a truly unforgettable marriage proposal inside of a glacier.

The tour will, in all likelihood, not change your life but it just may change the way you see guides, drivers and other people that present a once in a life-time experience around this beautiful island and then do it again, and again and again.

Created by cousins Ingimar Bjarni and Tryggvi Rafnsson, Guide to Guiding will premier at the Reykjavík Fringe festival on Monday July 6th at eight o’clock. During the festival the show will also be on on Thursday the 9th at seven o’clock and the following day, Friday the tenth at 8 o’clock.

The show on the Thursday will be livestreamed through

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